Looking for a turnkey solution for your mining operations? Look no further! We present our special offer: a fully equipped 40 feet data center that is ready to be shipped to your location.

The inside of the container

The inside of the container

This container comes with 1.2 MW capacity, ensuring optimal performance for your mining activities. With its compliance with EAC (Eurasian Conformity) electrical rules, unused condition, and added security features, this data center provides an excellent opportunity to kickstart your mining operations. Let’s dive into the key features and benefits of the data center.

Key features and specifications

The 40 feet data center is specifically designed to meet the demands of high-powered mining operations. With its robust 1.2 MW capacity operating at 50 Hz, this container can handle your mining equipment efficiently. The operating temperature range of -55 to +35°C ensures optimal performance even in challenging environments.

The electrical system complies with EAC (Eurasian Conformity), could be modified to EU standards with little modifications. What’s more, although the container frame itself is used, the equipment inside is brand new, in a tested, unused condition. Attach input electricity, set up local internet connection with the provider of your choice, and the container is ready to mine.

The container is compatible with Bitmain Antminer S19 and similar +3000 W miners, accommodating up to 360 units. Its spacious interior provides ample room for your equipment.


The mining container is divided into three non-volatile parts. Each part is equipped with an Input Switchgear (ASU) with an 800 Amperes input circuit breaker capable of carrying loads up to 430 kW. Components from Schneider Electric (DeKraft) are used in the production. The ASU has integrated circuit breakers that protect Asics (25 Amperes for each device). From each 25 Amperes circuit breaker, there is a cable that powers the ASIC. The ASICs are powered by two 3 x 1,5 mm cables. Each ASU is equipped with an electricity meter. Only copper conductors are used. All structural elements have been grounded. The container is equipped with diode lighting and additional sockets.

The container is divided along the central axis

The container is divided along the central axis


Along the central axis, the container is divided by a row of shelves. From the side of the cold air supply, there is a cold corridor. The part that ASICs blow hot air into is the hot corridor. Heat is removed from the container by 18 fans with a diameter of 800 mm, power of 0.75 kW and capacity of 22,000 m3 / hour.

The fans are equipped with gravitational grilles that prevent the ingress of atmospheric precipitation, and also play the role of check valve. The minimum air consumption of 3.5 kW ASIC miner is about 900 m3 / h. To ensure stable operation in the data center, heat extraction is provided for 1100-1300 m3 / h.

Air filtering

To ensure clean air circulation, the container utilize rectified polyurethane foam (RPPU) filters with a thickness ranging from 10 to 20 mm. With these filters, we achieve a filtration class of G2-G3, providing optimal air quality. These filters are not only reusable but also easy to clean, making them a durable solution that can last for over a year.

Networking and security

The local network is provided by a complex of one managed switch and 17 unmanaged switches (24 ports). Additionally, a modem is included to ensure seamless connectivity.

The security cameras, manufactured by Dahua, offer online monitoring, while the security system is provided by AJAX devices.


40 000 EUR (EXW), location is Budapest, Hungary.

We can help you with the worldwide logistics. Interested? Send us an email at [email protected]