Power plant optimization

Power plant optimization

Analyzing the power production profile of the power plant to optimize production

We have developed a unique methodology for analyzing power plant production profiles. Our model is applicable to all types of power plants, and includes the integration of data centers to improve return on investment, efficiency, and uptime. The initial step in achieving these benefits is to conduct a thorough analysis of the plant’s production profile. With this information, we can provide expert recommendations tailored to the specific features of the power plant in question.

Production profile analysis

We analyze the production rates and common problems of power plants based on their type (hydro, CHP, or renewable), including insufficient production capacity. We also consider whether the power plant participates in demand response tenders. For instance, renewable power plants are often oversized, resulting in large amounts of underutilized excess capacity. Additionally, scheduling them is challenging due to the weather’s volatility. However, integrating data centers and battery systems into the power plant operation can simplify scheduling.

Physical properties & direct environment

We also examine the plant’s environment to determine if climatic properties have an influence on production. For CHP plants, this analysis might uncover alternative hedging options for the plant.

Comprehensive feasibility study created specifically for the power plant

Our expert analysis results in a feasibility study that covers all aspects of power plant optimization, including:

  • Engineering design for the site
  • Time frames for computing power generation and usage
  • Infrastructure development plan, including a comprehensive list of assets required for the investment
  • Business plan for financing options (if needed)
  • Maintenance plan
  • Additional recommended services